Angled 45deg brackets (Pack of 5) (F1029)

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Pack of 5 – Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Grade S275 570mm + 280mm x 30mm x 5mm 45deg Angled Brackets.

Pack of 15 – Bracket Clips.

These are designed to fit Razor Wire to a fence or wall. They have a 570mm 45deg angled extension with a pre drilled top loop hole and 3 optional bottom loop holes.

The 280mm vertical extension is for securing to a post or wall and again is pre drilled to accommodate 3 Bolts or Screws. All pre-drilled holes are 9mm. Th holes are designed to be used in conjunction with M8 Masonry Anchor Bolts (Walls) and M8 Coach Screws (Fences).

Please note that these brackets can not be used with our 730mm or 900mm Razorwire.

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