Razorwire UK supplies the following tooling for use in the installation of Razor Wire including heavy duty bolt cutters, wire cutters, wire tie ratchets and clip applicators.

RazorwireUK Bolt Croppers

Bolt Croppers – For cutting wire and trimming Razor wire

RazorwireUK Wire Tie Ratchet

Wire Tie Ratchet – Quickest method for fitting the wire ties to the support wire and brackets

RazorwireUK - Clip Applicator

Clip Applicator – Extra long arms so can be used with one hand on the Razor while the Applicator is supported on the shoulder

RazorwireUK Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters – For cutting wire up to 5mm in diameter

Razor Wire Wire Tie and RazorPro Puncture Resistant Gloves

Wire Tie Ratchet in use with RazorPro PPE

RazorPro PPE Puncture Resistant Gloves with Razor wire Clip Applicator

This photograph shows the Clip Applicator closing a Dove Tail Clip resting on the shoulder

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