Razor Mesh

Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security fencing mesh screen designed to protect you and your property.

RazorwireUK - Razor Mesh
RazorwireUK Razormesh

RazorwireUK - Razor Mesh
RazorwireUK Razormesh

RazorwireUK Razormesh

This security fencing product is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools yet it has a neat appearance.

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Razor Mesh has been in use throughout the world at airports, military bases & borders for many years & is now widely used in domestic situations.

Supplied in 192cm x 33cm panels Razor mesh is an effective deterrent and obstacle when used as either trellis on fences or walls or as a means of protecting voids in fences, windows in out houses or shed roofs etc, simple and easy to fit Razor mesh is extremely difficult and time consuming to force entry through without proper cutting equipment.

Razor Mesh is an effective intruder deterrent & very difficult to defeat without specialist equipment.

Razor Mesh is recommended for…

  • The reinforcement of fences
  • Outhouse and shed windows
  • Roof and skylight reinforcement
  • Securing small accessible gaps

Razor Mesh Specs

Product Blade Style Blade Thickness Wire Diam Barb Length Height Panel Size
BT-22 Flat Profile Razorwire Diagram 0.5mm 2.5mm 22mm 150mm & 75mm 192cm x 33cm