Flat Profile Razorwire

Flat Profile – a useful alternative to Concertina Razorwire

RazorwireUK Flat profile Razorwire

RazorwireUK Flat profile Razorwire

RazorwireUK Flat profile Razorwire

When the over hang of concertina is a problem (for example if the protrusion of concertina razor wire exceeds your boundary) then Flat Profile, being vertical, will solve this issue. It is also a neater & easier to install alternative.

Installation of Razorwire Flat Profile

Installation of Flat Profile Razor wire is particularly simple. It can be supported by clipping or wire tying to the surface part way up or alternatively, by fitting brackets to the existing fence posts and then running a line of support wire through the top hole of the bracket and wire tying the Razor wire to it.

Either way we can supply you with the necessary vertical uprights, straining wire and bolting to enable self fit to a fence or wall.

Supplied in 10m x 500mm rolls

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Flat Razorwire Specs

Product Blade Style Blade Thickness Wire Diam Barb Length Height
BT-22 Flat Profile Razorwire Diagram 0.5mm 2.5mm 22mm 500mm

Current Lead time: 2-3 working days