Anti Climb Spikes ACS1014-4

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Applications: Drain Pipes, Lamp & CCTV posts, Scaffolding, Tree trunks and branches between 2 inch and 6 inch diameter.

RazorwireUK’s own unique anti climb spike packs are the ideal and easy to fit solution to prevent unwanted persons using drain pipes or over hanging branches to gain access to a property.
Each pack contains 4 x 305mm Spike Bars each has fitted sticky pads to locate the bars when fitting and 2 x 1m adjustable banding clamps.

Simply remove the sticky back cover of each spike bar and place the bar in the position required. Repeat the process with the remaining bars and then fit the two adjustable banding clamps provided and tighten accordingly.
Once satisfied the spikes are secure, the remaining clamp tail can be cut away.

Note: We advise the use of suitable protective gloves whilst fitting and additional usage of Anti Climb Spike warning signs.

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SAE Systems’ Anti Climb spikes are a modular design that can be incorporated into any pipe, box section or cylindrical structure up to 5m in diameter or cross section using adjustable banding cut to specific lengths. Please contact us for assistance if you have a particular application. Metal Type: Galvanised.